At the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, Yamaha not only made headlines with its electric-powered concept, the firm’s endeavour into robotics, called the Yamaha Motobot project, also became a talking point for many. Ina special video released for the occassion, the humanoid Motobot was seen autonomously piloting a specially adapted Yamaha R1M superbike too.

In describing the project, Yamaha states that Motobot was the result of fusing both its motorcycles and robotics technologies. The fact that Motobot was seen astride a high-powered R1M clearly indicates Yamaha’s ambition to have the robot able to pilot an unmodified superbike on a circuit at speeds higher than 200km/h indeed.

More importantly, the main mission for the Yamaha Motobot project is for the collection of data that will generate research for the further development of rider-support systems for future Yamaha models. In short, Motobot’s mission, for now at least, is to aid Yamaha in making safer bikes for all riders in the near future.


What is truly ambitious though is Motobot’s aim at surpassing a little known Italian ‘Doctor’ in the riding game. The video clearly shows Motobot calling out on said living legend, where it even said: “I was created to surpass you.”

Perhaps that could become a reality in the future, but definitely not at Motobot’s current Version 1 state.

Sources: MCN, Asphaltandrubber and Visordown