A collection of ultra-rare and un-restored fleet of classic British motorcycles has been discovered in the village of Bodmin Moor, UK. The fleet is made up entirely of Brough Superior models that date back to the early 1920 and 1930s with experts valuing it at £340,000 (approx. RM2.2 million) in its entirety.

Dubbed the ‘Broughs of Bodmin Moor’ collection, the motorcycles were found partly buried under dust and machinery. At least three complete bikes were found including a rare four-cylinder version of the Brough Superior – one of only eight known to be built and the last to be accounted for. Also in the mix was an ultra-rare three-wheeled Brough Superior 750cc BS4.


Experts stated that this is perhaps one of the greatest motorcycle discoveries of recent times given the fact that the existence of the collection was a subject of debate prior to being found. Adding to that is the fact that this could also be the last un-restored collection of Brough Superior motorcycles to be found.


Given its sheer rarity, it is easy to see how the ‘Broughs of Bodmin Moor’ collection was given such a high value estimate. Leading this is the three-wheeled model that is valued between £80,000 and £120,000 (approx. RM518,000 – RM777,000). This particular bike’s value skyrocketed thanks also to the fact that it once belonged to Hubert Chantrey, a friend of Brough Superior founder George Brough.


The collection is expected to meet its £340,000 estimated total value when each bike goes under the hammer with specialist auction house Bonhams April next year. Additionally, you can view the complete collection and details in this press release issued by the auction house online.

Broughs of Bodmin Moor

Source: Bonhams via Visordown
Images: Bonhams via DailyMail