A report online indicates that Austrian motorcycles brand KTM enjoyed another stellar year in 2015 as both its sales and revenue figures grew significantly. KTM joins in the ranks of BMW Motorrad and Ducati as all three brands have charted plenty of business successes throughout 2015.

A total of 180,801 units of KTM and Husqvarna motorcycles were sold in 2015 alone, which generated a revenue figure of €1.02 billion. Comparing to KTM’s 2014 performance figures, the 2015 numbers show a 14% increase in volume, which subsequently led to an 18% rise in its revenue and a 26% increase in its income.


Similar to its German rivals BMW Motorrad, KTM sales figures have increased for the fifth year in a row. However, KTM’s revenue exceeded the €1 billion mark for the first time in 2015. With these highly positive figures, the Austrian also reportedly claimed that to be the fastest growing motorcycle company in the world too.

Although KTM’s figures are staggering indeed, a quick overview does explain things easily. The bulk of the brand’s range of small capacity models have fuelled much of its sales figures over recent years, with many of which being produced outside of its home base in Austria (i.e. India).


Also worth noting here is the fact that KTM have added over 100,000 bikes into its production volume in less than five years. We can expect these figures to continue growing again in 2016. However, it will likely face some competition as rivals BMW Motorrad and Ducati have each developed small capacity rivals to challenge KTM’s lead position this year.

Source: KTM via Asphaltandrubber