The Honda Light Weight Super Sports concept that was showcased during the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show might see light as a production bike later this year and could be called the Honda CBR250RR.

Many believed the concept previewed a supposed ‘Honda CBR250RR’ model that will rival against the Kawasaki Ninja 250 and Yamaha YZF-R25. This is not the replacement to the single-cylinder Honda CBR250R model, but instead a new parallel-twin model to go against the aforementioned Kawasaki and Yamaha rivals. (Note the extra ‘R’ in the ‘RR’ nameplate denoting a multi-cylinder model.)


Though absent in the lucrative entry-level quarter-litre parallel-twin segment, both Kawasaki and Yamaha have thrived here especially in emerging markets in Asia. The rumoured production-bound Honda Light Weight Super Sports concept will likely heat things up in this segment.

The rumour also speculates that the Honda CBR250RR will not be produced in Japan, but in the Japanese firm’s Thailand- or Indonesia- based plants instead. This will likely reduce the model’s production costs significantly, and potentially making the bike affordable in the process too.


Besides a series of paint schemes, the model the rumoured new bike will likely feature a less intricate headlight unit, as well its racy Akrapovič exhaust kit swapped with an emissions-friendly unit, but we reckon an optional Akrapovič kits will be offered nonetheless.

Of course, like the rivalling Kawasaki and Yamaha, we can also expect Honda to develop a European-spec 300cc offshoot as well, but this might only appear as late as 2017.

Source: Visordown