To celebrate the world-famous Isle of Man road race, helmet makers Arai have revealed its 2016 Arai Cosair-X Isle of Man TT limited edition helmet.

One of the helmet brand’s longest-running and most highly coveted series of helmets celebrates the famed brand’s continued support for the famed road race. This year’s edition uses the Arai Corsair-X helmet model that dons a special livery designed by Aldo Drudi of the famed Drudi Performance studio.


Aldo Drudi’s penmanship looks stellar on this Arai Corsair-X. Highlights include the customary ‘TT’ logos and the famous isle’s Triskelion symbol – the three running legs you find on the island nation’s flag. Additionally, it also features an inscription that says “Ellan Vannin”, which translates into the native Manx name for the Isle of Man.

Arail will retail this limited edition helmet in its official booth first at this year’s edition of the Isle of Man TT road race. Only a handful of these helmets are expected to reach select authorised Arai dealers worldwide too.

Source: Asphaltandrubber