Famed Slovenian aftermarket exhaust tailors Akrapovič have released a new slip-on exhaust kit for the BMW C650 Sport maxi-scooter.

Already renowned for producing a rich variety of exhaust kits both BMW cars and bikes for sometime now, this new slip-on kit for the BMW C650 Sport stands at the very latest addition to that. Like all other Akrapovič kits, this new one promises enhanced looks and performance.


No advanced mechanical skills is required in installing this kit, to which Akrapovič claims will take just 30 minutes. Furthermore, this slip-on kit replaces the stock one without requiring any further modifications too.

The Akrapovič BMW C650 Sport slip-on kit brings several advantages starting with its 44.9% lighter weight than the stock unit at 3.8kg. Besides that, the silencer can also comes in a very sleek design compared to the stock unit.


More importantly though, Akrapovič also highlights the gain in both power and torque this slip-on kit provides. The kit grants an additional 1.3hp and 1.5Nm, bringing the C650 Sport’s total output figures up to 49.4hp @ 7,850rpm and 53.2Nm @ 5,850rpm.

Though small in its figures, the slight power hike will undoubtedly go a long way in this maxi-scooter especially during daily rides. Akrapovič also mentioned the promise of a deep, resonant tonal sound character granted by this kit.

Source: Akrapovič via AutoEvolution