For the Erik Buell Racing brand, it has been a rather turbulent 12 months to say the least. Better known as EBR, the American declared bankruptcy and ceased operations in April last year before being placed in the receivership process.

Surprisingly, things are looking up for the defunct American brand following reports of its revival under the guidance of new owners Liquid Asset Partners (LAP). Renamed as EBR Motorcycles LLC, report indicate that LAP restarted the brand’s production in its facility located in East Troy, Wisconsin. Reports further allege that the first batch of new bikes will roll off starting March 17.


The announcement appears to be rather symbolic for now as the fate of these new EBR bikes remains. Adding to that is the absence of a solid dealership network for the EBR brand, not to mention the problem its former dealers having plenty of old EBR stocks still sitting on their showroom floors too.


The new EBR Motorcycles LLC team will promises more updates in the next few months surrounding details such as pricing, warranties and racing. Owners LAP are also actively looking for parties interested in investing in the EBR Motorcycles brand at the same time. Furthermore, LAP is reportedly preparing to auction off excess factory assets on March 18th too.

Sources: Asphaltandrubber / AutoEvolution