With many bike makers harnessing electric power for the near future, it won’t be long before it we see the arrival of electric-powered supermoto and enduro bikes like this Armotia Due R and Armotia Due X twin. The Italian-based Armotia brand has been hard at work for the last three years developing these electric bikes.

Both the Due R supermoto and Due X enduro share the same air-cooled electric motor unit that generates 15hp. Energy is drawn from a 5.1kWh battery pack. Notably, both bikes are also primed with two-wheel-drive (2WD). Theoretically, the setup would offer greater traction that will come in handy when tackling changing terrains and surface conditions.


Also shared is the oval steel trellis frame chassis construction, as well as the pair of 41mm inverted front forks and fully adjustable Bitubo rear monoshock. Another notable shared feature are the brakes, which is comprised of a 260mm floating front disc grabbed by Brembo twin-piston calipers plus a smaller 220mm floating disc at the rear grabbed by a single-piston caliper.


Typically of any Italian bike, both the Armotia Due R and Armotia Due X boasts rather attractive designs. Complementing that is the smartphone-like digital instrument display with a rich data display.


What is disappointing are the low performance figures. The supermoto has a claimed top speed of 88.5km/h whilst the enduro’s top speed stands at a lower 80km/h figure.

Despite these setbacks, it will be interesting to see how both bikes fare when they hit the market, but that remains to be seen as Armotia hasn’t set either a release date or targeting price figures.

Sources: Asphaltandrubber / Visordown