WITH the recent announcement by the Malaysia government for Zero-Rated Goods & Services Tax (GST) which has come into effect on June 1, Kawasaki Motorcycle buyers will be enjoying a tax holiday with substantial savings on all Kawasaki Motorcycles.

Kawasaki customers in Malaysia stand to gain even more as it “strives to boost its value-for-money proposition”.


The Best Time To Own A Kawasaki Motorcycle Is NOW!

Buyers of Kawasaki Motorcycles are spoiled for choice with many offers from Kawasaki in which they can enjoy lower post GST pricing with immediate effect.

Savings of RM500 up to Rm14,000 is huge for a motorcycle.

Owning a Kawasaki is no longer a dream but possible with more given by each dealer.


The Best Time To Own A Kawasaki Motorcycle Is NOW!

Adding to the potential savings Kawasaki customers receive from 1st June till 15th July 2018 are exciting sales initiatives of DUIT RAYA that make it even more RAYA RIA to own a Kawasaki Motorcycle.

The current “DUIT RAYA” promotion means buyers of the Kawasaki Motorcycle ( Kawasaki Versys-X 250, Kawasaki Ninja 650 {ABS}, Kawasaki Z650 {ABS} and Kawasaki Z900 {ABS} ) who sign up and buy a their Kawasaki Motorcycle will be get RM500 to RM3,500 worth of DUIT RAYA in the form of redemption towards their motorcycle price.

The Best Time To Own A Kawasaki Motorcycle Is NOW!

Meaning the just got further reduction on their favourite motorcycle from RM500 to RM3,500.


Once the SST is reintroduced a few months later, motorcycle prices will increase and there’s no telling if it will be cheaper or more expensive than when they were subjected to GST, so why wait. The best time is now, GO GET YOU KAWASAKI MOTORCYCLE.

So why choose a Kawasaki Motorcycle?


The Best Time To Own A Kawasaki Motorcycle Is NOW!

Here in Malaysia, Big bikes are no longer toys of the rich and famous thanks to Kawasaki Motors. The Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) made it their daily usage machine, their escort icon and now the patrol bikes of the nation.


The Best Time To Own A Kawasaki Motorcycle Is NOW!

State of the Art Technology is no absence when you want to know how Kawasaki has been around for years. Bullet Trains, Ships, Helicopters, Submarines, Marines, Steelworks, Robotics, Space and many more is where Kawasaki is today. Kawasaki Heavy Industries which includes Kawasaki Motorcycles Co., Ltd. has its roots in shipbuilding since 1896. Started by Shozo Kawasaki, it went on to become an industrial juggernaut.

The Best Time To Own A Kawasaki Motorcycle Is NOW!

KE-1 – was their r1st motorcycle engine in 1952, designed and built by Kawasaki’s engineers from the aircraft industry by using then the latest aircraft technology. It was the making of a Legend and motorcycle pedigree ever since as employing groundbreaking technologies

The Best Time To Own A Kawasaki Motorcycle Is NOW!

Over time Kawasaki kept on pursuing high-end technologies, transfer from all those knowledge and expertise it gained in main fields to its machine and motorcycles at large. Kawasaki motorcycles as known to be fast and fastest production motorcycles in the world.

Some now look at them as icons and a legend. Case in point is a long list of Kawasaki models such as the

  • H1 Mach III (1969),
  • Z1 (1972),
  • KZ100R (1981),
  • GPz900R – the first Ninja(1984),
  • GPz600R (1985),
  • ZZ-R1000 a.k.a. ZX-10 (1988),
  • ZXR750 or ZX-7 (1989),
  • ZZ-R1100 a.k.a. ZX-11 (1990),
  • ZX-12R (2000),
  • ZX-10R (2004),
  • ZX-14 (2006) and,
  • H2R and H2 (2015).

The Best Time To Own A Kawasaki Motorcycle Is NOW!

As we read now Kawasaki has many histories and broken many records in racing, especially in World Superbike Championships.

2013 was the start of the KAWASAKI era – Tom Sykes won in 2013, 2015, 2016 followed by Jonathan Rea on the Kawasaki ZX-10R. 2017 Jonathan Rea did it again as World Champion on a ZX-10RR to the third successive title.

Image source: WorldSBK
Image source: WorldSBK

Kawasaki has since won manufacturers titles, team titles and even breaking lap times, super pole records along the journey. Astonishing many along the journey they have been faster than the boys in MotoGP.

WSBK is important as the series is based on production motorcycles. It means that those bikes being raced in WSBK are the same bikes you and I could purchase at a Kawasaki dealer.

The Best Time To Own A Kawasaki Motorcycle Is NOW!

In the early-60s Anton Mang’s victories in the 250cc and 350cc world championships was where Kawasaki rose in rank followed by Reg Pridmore’s 1977 win at Pocono on a Kawasaki Z1 marked the first AMA Nationals win on a Japanese motorcycle (he took the 1977 and 1978 AMA Superbike titles, too).

Remember the evergreen Eddie Lawson’s dominance of the 1981 and 1982 AMA Superbike Championships on the Kawasaki KZ1000R. “Steady Eddie” would go on to be a four-time World 500cc Champion.

  1. Cutting Edge Technology

Winglets ALLOWED for WorldSBK 2018 season?

The supercharged engine on bikes like the H2, H2R and soon the H2 SX.

Rider safety is paramount, with new innovation like RIDEOLOGY, Traction Control (wait for the ZX-10R SE), ABS, Ride Modes, High-End Brakes, Good Suspension, etc. In fact, Kawasaki was the first Japanese manufacturer to adopt traction control, called K-TRIC (Kawasaki Throttle Ignition Response Control) on the 1400GTR.

  1. Cutting Edge Design beyond words, some say better than the red of the west
Tom Sykes (Image source: WorldSBK)
Tom Sykes (Image source: WorldSBK)

Japanese bikes were never famous for styling if compare to their counterparts in Europe, by Kawasaki’s motorcycles have historically broken the mould and deliver stunning and distinctive designs to mention a few like the GPz900R, ZX-14, ZX-10R, H2, & soon the H2 SX with many features like leaning lights, TFT Screen in Colour.

The Best Time To Own A Kawasaki Motorcycle Is NOW!

Don’t stare but be amazed by the design and riding styles that have built good-looking motorcycle is both gratifying and confidence-building to another level.

  1. Availability of Genuine Parts and Accessories

The Best Time To Own A Kawasaki Motorcycle Is NOW!In Malaysia, we all have a concern about after sales and service. Parts are always a concern when it comes to high-end machines. Kawasaki motorcycles is and has been the market leader in which spare parts and accessories are readily available at relatively lower costs.

The Best Time To Own A Kawasaki Motorcycle Is NOW!

A stone throw is what we say to reach authorized Kawasaki Premium Dealers Nationwide and workshops. Rest be assured if you own a  Kawasaki Motorcycle expect quick turnaround times when repairing their bikes or servicing. Kawasaki Malaysia has further assured customers with constant collaboration with collages and technical centres in ensuring high technicians with skills and knowledge when attending to their machines.

  1. Large Authorised Network

The Best Time To Own A Kawasaki Motorcycle Is NOW!There are currently close to 100 authorised dealers and 40 authorised spare parts dealers across Malaysia spending from North, South, Central, East Coast and East Malaysia.

This means easy access to not only new bikes, but also for maintenance, parts and accessories. The personnels at the Kawasaki Exclusive Service Centres (KESC) or Kawasaki Pit Stop (KPS) are fully trained professionals.

  1. Wide Range of Models

The Best Time To Own A Kawasaki Motorcycle Is NOW!

Kawasaki Malaysia’s offers a full model range which is very comprehensive and covers every segment of every capacity and size.

Segments are mentioned as follows:-

  1. Ninja (Sports),
  2. Z (Naked, Standard, Sport-touring),
  3. Versys (Adventure Touring),
  4. GTR (Premium Sport-touring), soon H2 SX
  5. VN or Vulcan (cruisers and full-dress tourers),
  6. W (modern classic rides),
  7. Street ( motards ),
  8. KX (motocross and supercross),
  9. KLX (enduro),
  10. J (scooter)
  11. Watercraft (jetskis) {did you know JET SKI is trade mark to Kawasaki?}
  12. ATVs (all-terrain vehicles), and
  13. Mule (utility vehicles).

Whether it’s for your first bike, only bike, an upgrade or additional bike, you can find anything that suits your needs at GT World Ninja & Ninja Concept Shops or Kawasaki Green Station’s.

9.        Reliability

The Best Time To Own A Kawasaki Motorcycle Is NOW!

Truth is, Kawasaki motorcycles are reliable and provide lots of trouble-free fun. Maintain your bike well and any modern motorcycle is just as reliable at the other.